Release Notes


  • Added endpoint method, internal_dispatch, for quick internal api calls
  • Added hyperadmin.get_api
  • Added resource slug
  • Added signals & events
  • Added exception: LinkNotAvailable
  • Added HyperadminJSONENcoder
  • Added Detail Link, used when user does not have edit permissions
  • Preserve requested content type on response
  • Standardized CRUD verbage
  • Fixed handling of negative primary keys
  • Django 1.5 support
  • Integrated with django-datataps
  • Added Base64 file upload


  • Fixed handling of negative primary keys (#2)
  • improved order of operations in get link kwargs


  • Added hyperadmin.contrib.apikey for key based authentication
  • Allow endpoints to be directly mounted in urls with global site object
  • Added Wizard resource for wizard workflows
  • URL names are now fully dynamic
  • Endpoints may now specify template and context for html rendering
  • Added throttling


  • Added Generic Inline Support (requires django.contrib.contenttypes)
  • Seperated Autoload functionality
  • Allow for links to be followed internally
  • Simplified setting resource name and appplication_name


  • Fixed non integer based urls for models
  • Added OPTIONS method
  • Autoload ModelAdmin.fieldsets

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