Hyperadmin is open-source and is here to serve the community by the community.


  • Hyperadmin is BSD-licensed. All contributed code must be either
    • the original work of the author contributed under the BSD license
    • work taken form another BSD-compatible license
  • GPL or proprietary works are not eligible for contribution

  • Master branch represents the current stable release

  • Develop branch represents patches accepted for the next release

Reporting Issues

  • Issues are tracked on github.

  • Please ensure that a ticket hasn’t already been submitted before submitting a ticket.

  • Tickets should include:
    • A description of the problem
    • How to recreate the bug
    • Version numbers of the relevant packages in your Django stack
    • A pull request with a unit test exemplifying the failure is a plus

Contributing Code

  1. Fork it on github
  2. Branch from the release and push to your github
  3. Apply the changes you need
  4. Add yourself to AUTHORS.rst
  5. Once done, send a pull request (to the develop branch)

Your pull request / patch should be:

  • clear
  • works across all supported versions
  • follows the existing code style (mostly PEP-8)
  • comments included where needed
  • test case if it is to fix a bug
  • if it changes functionality then include documentation

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