Hyperadmin attempts to be an API framework capable of expressing HATEOAS accross various hypermedia formats.


Serialization is done from a form object that is attached to an Item. Endpoints translate items from their data store to an appropriate form so the media types do not need to know anything about the data store. This way arbitrary storage backends may be added without modifying the media type implementations. Rather media types concentrate on serializing forms and links.


Endpoints build state and provide links at a given URL. Endpoints may contain child endpoints or implement a class based view to handle an incomming request.


Resources are a collection of endpoints that describe a particular service.


All API requests have a state generated and associated to them. A state contains the items to be represented in the response, filtering params, and other general session and request variables to be shared accross the request cycle.

Root Endpoint

A root endpoint is the top most level of an API. It does not provide links but manages authentication and media type registration.

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